new pledge class rankings?

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I mean it is subjective but:
1) SAE
SAE and FIJI had the biggest classes this year, but SAE’s is far and away the number 1 (if you’re talking about “classical coolness”). Pretty much everyone that was split between Kappa Sig and SAE. After this pledge class they’re probably set to be the top house here for the another few years
Maybe not the “classically cool” kids that normally rush SAE or Kappa Sig, but year after year FIJI has been getting numbers. A bunch of freshmen in this pledge class, most of them fitting the stereotypical Davidson FIJI nerdy mold. Definitely not fratty, but at a school like Davidson, smart, approachable, and a bit nerdy wins over a substantial crowd.
3) SigEp
Once a bottom tier house, SigEp has cemented itself firmly into the middle tier. SigEp has been on the rise for a couple of years, but will probably plateau where it’s at right now. They give out a ton of bids and have solid yield because of swimmers, etc., but just because you have high numbers doesn’t mean all of them are high quality.
4) PDT
Got most of the football guys who rushed per usual, plus more nonners than they typically get. Hard to say whether the group of guys they got is good or bad, as PDT usually keeps to themselves.
5) Kappa Sig
Tough to put them so low on the list, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Last year they would’ve taken the 1 or 2 seed, but this year pretty much everyone they were rushing went SAE, FIJI, or SigEp. Nothing against the guys who joined, I’m sure they’re great...but it might be pretty hard for them to bounce back from this rough class.
6) KA
Yet again they get stuck at the bottom of the rankings. It’s too bad, honestly. KAs aren’t bad guys, they just have a really awful rep on this campus. After a bunch of small classes in a row, it’s hard to imagine KA ever moving out of the bottom tier.

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