davidson fraternities 2019

by: zta


Kappa Sig: Lots of athletes in Kappa Sig, definitely top tier with SAE. Pretty diverse group of guys who know how to have a good time. Can always count on them to throw a good basement party on a Wednesday night. Their annual Woodstock party is always a really fun time, good looking guys who like to party and have fun. Threw a great darty off campus last year with SAE, best event aside from Frolics all Spring.

SAE: Top tier fraternity here along with Kappa Sig, SAE is definitely the more stereotypical southern fraternity. Their FAC’s during the Spring are always a blast, and throw good off campus parties as well. Paddy Murphy and their Wine and Cheese party is always fun, and their Christmas party was a blast this year. Strong brotherhood there and it is evident whenever they host or if you ever see them going to meals. Them and Kappa Sig are the closest you’ll get to state school guys at Davidson. Mostly mix with Connor House and Warner Hall.


Phi Delt: Mainly football guys and some baseball guys as well, Phi Delt is on the decline. After this year’s senior class graduates, they’ll lose their most relevant brothers. Used to mix a lot with Connor House, but they’ve started doing less and less socially. Not much brotherhood here, and some problems amongst brothers last year in front of everyone at their parties showed that. They have some good guys in there but they don’t really host outside of Armfield and don’t go out much in the fall due to football season.

Sig Ep: Lots of the guys here are on the swim team; pretty fun group of guys. Some can be pretty douche, but for the most part they are nice guys. Definitely on the rise from previous years, and their sophomore class shows that. Definitely pulling them up. Have had some fun court parties, but host a lot with Warner this year because of So-Pro. Not many people went to Pajama Party, but their Armfield apartment is usually fairly crowded. Mixes with Warner Hall for the most part.


FIJI: Smaller fraternity on campus that is typically filled with a lot of great guys, many of whom are in SGA or on the Honor Council. FIJI isn’t super relevant when it comes to parties, mainly because they don’t have a first-floor apartment at Armfield. A nice group of guys with nothing bad to say about them, they just aren’t the typical fraternity guys you would think of. Mainly mixes with Rusk and Turner Hall.

KA: KA has definitely had their fair share of problems the last few years. Hard to come back from last year’s seniors. Most of the brothers are kind of weird and some girls feel uncomfortable there, but their sophomore class is pretty good. A few good guys really keeping them afloat. Don’t really hold too many mixers but associates with Rusk and Warner Hall the most probably.


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#1  by: Bring back union station   

Hard to call KSig top tier after this year’s pledge class, and FIJI, despite not being classic frat type, isn’t really bottom tier at a school like Davidson.

By: Bring back union station
#2  by: g   

Sigma Dry Epsilon

By: g
#3  by: Sophomore WarnerHall Girl   

1. Kappa Sig (HUGE class size, BEST parties, super fun guys who make sure everyone has a good time, my personal favorite and where I see the most potential for the upcoming years)
2. SPE (good parties, decent class size, nice guys who really like to have a good time)
3. PDT (decent class size, predominately athletes, cool vibe and parties)
4. SAE (non-existent class size, some guys are cool but the others are total try hards, unsafe environment, below average parties)
5. FIJI (great guys, decent class size, not really a party atmosphere but super accepting and comfortable)
6. KA (historically not the best, tiny class size, trying hard to make a better name for the frat so it is on the up)

By: Sophomore WarnerHall Girl

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