USC Lambda Chi is in Tempe!

by: Sororityview

As all the hottest ASU girls already know, numerous USC Lambdas flew in last night and took all the top hotel suites in town. The party last night was something to behold and another is planned to celebrate the ass-whipping that just rolled into ASU.

Posted By: Sororityview
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#1  by: ok   

no one cares

By: ok
#2  by: Top Tier Girls   

We care. Most ASU guys are not attractive while those USC Lambdas could be on the cover of GQ

By: Top Tier Girls
#3  by: Attention ASU Guys   

If you GF is missing at the moment, pretty good chances she's getting it hard from a USC Lambda. Don't worry, he'll give her back when he's done

By: Attention ASU Guys
#4  by: SC Lambda   

Sorry ASU and I'd wash that pillow case

By: SC Lambda
#5  by: USC Lambda Has Left....   

But lots of smiles on the ASU girls' faces today...

By: USC Lambda Has Left....
by: Top House GirlSep 24, 2023 6:32:01 PM

I almost didn't want to wash it off my face as it felt so good

By: Top House Girl
#6  by: Hank the Tank   

This is embarrassing for Lambda to go in this hard. Sororityview/ Greek Expert is behind this and is the Alias of some Lambda reject. “Mom! meatloaf!”

By: Hank the Tank
by: Truth hurtsOct 9, 2023 9:32:47 PM

Sorry bro that Lambda passed on you so quick during rush

By: Truth hurts
#7  by: K   

LXA is a horrible fraternity nationwide and has a pathetic reputation at nearly all campuses in the USA 🇺🇸. Don’t take my word do ur own research. It’s not one of the old line blue blood historically strong fraternities nationwide. Promise. They have a terrible reputation. lol that they even are remotely decent anywhere. Founded in 1909 whereas the old line frats founded in the 1800s.

By: K
by: EasyOct 12, 2023 5:38:14 PM

Yeah, a fraternity founded in the 1800s is always better...f-ing clown boy

By: Easy

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