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what are the reputations and stereotypes of each sorority?

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Alpha Phi- Barbie dolls, superficial, no sisterhood
DZ- Wild. lots of fun and hot girls.
AXO- Disappear after recruitment and don't do ****. At least they're hot
Theta- A team and B team. Care a lot about grades.
DG-sporty, involved, chapter of the year
Pi Phi- Blond, classy, nice but boring
Sigma Kappa- really involved. Smart but also party a lot
Kappa- trashy, party a lot. a less hot version of DZ
Chi O- Very involved. Kinda aggressive
ADPi- Super sweet girls. Not the best looking but they all have great personalities
AGD- Mean and salty about their negative image.
KD- absolute trash. All the hot girls dropped and they have no sisterhood

By: Greek
by: .Aug 23, 2017 1:01:02 AM

Well this is pretty spot on

By: .
by: YesAug 23, 2017 1:14:46 AM

Wow I actually agree with something on here

By: Yes
by: Greek Aug 23, 2017 2:15:17 AM

I honestly would switch ADPi & Alpha Gam. Every ADPi I know is very mean and nasty. Alpha Gam is always so nice to my chapter

By: Greek
by: -Aug 23, 2017 2:15:54 AM

AXO is bullies

By: -
by: HahaAug 23, 2017 4:07:45 AM

Here's just another alpha gam trying to compensate for them being total b******. Stop trying to trash adpi to make yourself look better

By: Haha
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Don’t believe this if you’re going to make Sigma Kappa, ADPi, and sound better than AXO or Kappa.

By: Lol
by: LolAug 23, 2017 8:59:23 AM

This is spot on. Sorry kappa everyone thinks you're trashy

By: Lol
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Phi phi- don't really go out. Hot, but a lot of other sororities hate them.
Sigma Kappa- they are trying to be theta. They will never be theta.
DG- involved, they tend to gravitate towards smaller frats. Nothing terrible to say about them.
Kappa- they are trying to be hot, but just are NOT. Recruitment video matches their chapter which is ****ty.
AXO- not involved. They come off as good for recruitment, but you never hear them of doing anything after that.
Chi O- they win everything. They don't have hot girls, maybe one or two. Not very popular with frats
KD- they are trying to be good and do a lot of philos. 75% of their hot girls dropped after their psycho date party. Most of them can be found deepthroating fleshmens.
Alpha Phi- girls drop left and right for **** sisterhood. They will always be the hottest ones. Not very involved.
DZ- party girls, all they really do is rage. Some are hot and others look like they did too many lines.
ADG- I would be embarrassed to be in that house. They think they have style and they don't. Some are nice but yikes they are not involved.
ADPI- they have no sisterhood, no involvement. Bottom house forsure.
Theta- smart. Have A team and B team. You don't really see theta's go out.

By: the baller
by: wrongAug 23, 2017 12:10:27 PM

1. Unless you are in a house, you cannot comment on their sisterhood. One bitter girl who dropped does not represent the entire chapter.

2. Your "no involvement" comment you made for many of the chapters is bs. ALL - and I mean ALL sororities require them to participate in philo's.

3. This is very clearly written by a PiPhi - which explains why other sororities do not like you. You troll on this site to not only self rank but to put all other sororities down.

By: wrong
by: whatAug 23, 2017 6:23:55 PM

Why would SK want to be like Theta? They've gone so downhill

By: what
by: madsSep 15, 2018 10:23:49 AM

what happened at the KD date party

By: mads
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Go talk to the girls in the chapters!!! Every chapter on campus has smart, kind, & beautiful girls. All the ASU chapters are very similar and the differences between them are very small. Just go meet the women and don't judge them from an anonymous gossip website. <3

By: Pan Luv
by: !! Aug 23, 2017 9:45:19 PM


By: !!
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From someone that just went through recruitment , I’m glad I didn’t see all this beforehand so I could make up my own mind. Here’s what I thought of the houses I had 3 rounds with in alphabetical order:

AXO— nice girls, friendly and cute, most girls seem to like them, didn’t hear anything negative, not sure what they were looking for but definitely a top house

Alpha Phi— glam vibe, girly, the girls I talked to were super sweet, some girls were obsessed with them, also had some haters that seemed jealous.

DZ- very fun and chill, always made me feel welcome, people say they are party animals, a little under the radar but seemed like a top house to me

KD- such nice girls, felt like sisterhood would be good. Made me feel comfortable. Other PNMs talked about how KD was better than they expected

KKG- very grounded and friendly, the girls I talked to seemed really smart and cool, people say they are a middle house but seemed top to me

Theta- diverse group of girls, friendly and easy to talk to, career focus, felt like a solid house with a mix of pretty and smart girls, people say they still have an A and B team but I didn’t see that.

All houses have their own character. What one girls likes another night not.

By: Honest Impressions
by: missingSep 17, 2018 12:10:58 PM

other sororities are missing from Honest Impressions

By: missing

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