An Open Letter to Chi Omega

by: Sincerely, Disappointed

In the course of human history, few things have ever been certain: death, taxes, and the likelihood that a Chi O will do something nasty. Today proved that some things never change.

A Chi O in her graduation stole thought it would be funny to get wasted and take her pictures in front of the spears school of business. This flagrant display of public intoxication was uncalled for, shocking, and more than a bit distasteful. She was so drunk she couldn't stand up straight and she had to take a break to go throw up in the well-landscaped bushes around the back of the building.

When it came time to pop the champagne (something I was surprised she hadn't touched yet considering her drunken state) she popped the cork right into her eye.

When I was a freshman, Chi O was classy. Chi O had the respect of every person on campus. Chi O had a much higher tolerance too.

If you can't make your girls act right then you shouldn't make them drink. I'm disgusted.

Posted By: Sincerely, Disappointed
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#1  by: THIS!!!   

Somehow this story made me love CHI O! I now appreciate them so much more than their bible beating reputation. This post is everything!!!

By: THIS!!!

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