Frats active????

by: Freshman

Ok I am confused. Which frats are active within the university and which ones are on their own? How can they have a house on campus but not be active through campus it’s so confusing lol

Posted By: Freshman
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#1  by: Joke   

Its not even worth it to join a fraternity at WVU. Active houses are gonna be inactive soon, I’m sure Richardson will make sure of that. Inactive houses are bouncing around and offering no other benefits than just parties. Easier to pay the $5 to get in on the weekends than $500+ for the semester and additional responsibilities. Richardson absolutely killed Greek life here

By: Joke
by: Greek lifeAug 23, 2021 3:47:52 PM

Not true. Frats have the best parties. Not to mention the date parties, formals, and brotherhood, etc that you’re missing out on

By: Greek life
by: delta chodesAug 26, 2021 9:49:18 AM

no frat is going to let anyone in on the weekends you either rush or you don’t. There is no walking up to a house and just paying $5 every night, no one will let that happen except for maybe delta chi and they would pay you to go probably.

By: delta chodes
by: Bid PoliceAug 11, 2022 9:05:24 AM

No bid bud?

By: Bid Police
#2  by: Dude   

Search Chapter statues on WVU greek life. No links allowed. Hope it helps.
A link to who is active and who isn’t. Keep in mind the ones that are very new. Those may be desperate for members but still look into them.

By: Dude
#3  by: Greek life   

If you rush an affiliated frat youre a loser, the relevant frats at WVU are all unaffiliated. Pike, Sig Chi, Asig, Phi Sig, Theta are the only ones worth rushing.

By: Greek life
by: Yeah Aug 7, 2022 11:08:40 AM


By: Yeah
by: Real Greek menAug 16, 2022 7:37:26 PM

To those Rushing an Unaffiliated Frat, Good Luck. Your LIFE will depend on it. Just saying.

By: Real Greek men
#4  by: Serg    

Affiliated or unaffiliated just go to different rush events and see where you fit in. The person that said your gonna get it in the weekends for $5 is full of 🧢.

By: Serg
#5  by: Curious   

I heard through the grapevine the Pi kapps are on interim suspension due to hazing. Is that true?

By: Curious
by: IFCSep 7, 2022 6:04:20 PM

They are only on interim suspension while their investigation into hazing is being conducted.

#6  by: Ploy   

Yo this is nuts

By: Ploy

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