2021 Greek Ranks

by: Curious

What is the 2021 greek ranks? Best frats & srats and will anyone be doing fall rush

Posted By: Curious
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#1  by: facts   

top: phi sig + pike/ao
upper middle: sig chi + theta chi
middle: sae, agr, phi psi
lower: pi kapp, sig nu
bottom: delta chi + ka

top: a phi + chi o
upper middle: kkg + alpha xi + sk
middle: delta gamma
lower: aoii
bottom: pi phi

By: facts
by: sureAug 7, 2021 11:08:25 PM

Accurate just replace chi o with kkg

By: sure
by: don’t listenAug 8, 2021 12:19:22 PM

How can pike/ao be a top house when they don’t even have a house? Have fun at the clubs with them they trying way to hard to stay relevant.

By: don’t listen
by: @ don’t listen Aug 8, 2021 8:44:54 PM

They have a house dumb nuts

By: @ don’t listen
by: GtfoAug 9, 2021 3:38:52 PM

You sound like your in pi kapp or some other twig frat

By: Gtfo
by: HuhAug 10, 2021 8:09:03 AM

What about Phi Sigma Phi??

By: Huh
by: BroAug 10, 2021 11:33:26 AM

Phi sigma phi is top with pike

By: Bro
by: YuhAug 29, 2022 4:23:24 PM

Still accurate

By: Yuh
#2  by: real    

top: kkg, Xo
top mid: aphi, sk
mid: axid, aopi
Bottom mid: dg
bottom: pi phi

By: real
by: NoAug 8, 2021 8:48:15 PM

You’re out of your mind if you think a phi isn’t at the top and KKGs girls are mid. Aopi at the bottom

By: No
by: HAAug 14, 2021 12:02:09 AM

obviously an aopi. dg is bottom now id say the lower tier goes aopi pi phi dg

By: HA
by: lolAug 14, 2021 12:07:40 AM

kkg is not top last two pcs r so bad. all the good ones graduated they middle at best now

By: lol
#3  by: This isn’t important    

There’s not really any true rankings or top sororities because this is WVU
Top: Sk, chi o
Middle: aphi, aoii, kkg
Middle Bottom: axid, dg
Bottom: pi phi

By: This isn’t important
by: Out or your mindAug 9, 2021 3:37:33 PM

Is this a joke. There is no reality where SK is a top sorority and where aoii is with phi and kkg it’s actually laughable

By: Out or your mind
#4  by: True    

Top: aphi and kkg
Middle top: sk and chi o
Upper middle axd and aoii
Middle dg
Bottom pi phi

By: True
by: YesAug 11, 2021 7:36:31 AM

Aoii is with DG but I agree

By: Yes
#5  by: Demi   

Replace pike with lambda

By: Demi
#6  by: suhh   


Top: Sigma Chi, Phi Sig
Middle Top: Theta Chi, Pike
Middle: Phi Psi, Lamda, Sae
Lower Middle: Pikapp, Alpha Sig
Bottom: Phi Sigma Phi, Delta Chi, AGR


Top: Chi O, Aphi
Upper Middle: Alpha Xi Delta
Middle: Kappa,
Lower Middle: Delta Gamma, Pi Phi
Bottom: AOII

By: suhh
by: Lol Aug 15, 2021 9:55:53 AM

Make it less obvious next time pi phi

By: Lol
by: HeyAug 17, 2021 10:17:44 AM

Justice for AGR

By: Hey
#7  by: True Sorority Rankings   

Chi o / kappa
Pi Phi

By: True Sorority Rankings
by: True Sorority RankingsSep 6, 2022 11:09:51 PM

To be honest, Aphi, Chi o, Sk and recently kappa have been fighting for the top spots and all have been consistently “popular hot girls” it may take a while for one to significantly “overthrow” the 1st and 2nd spot. The lines are fuzzy. Aoii has been moving down and seem the most boring, while DG has been going up. They seem to have more unique girls, with outgoing styles… Axid pretty stagnant, some cool/pretty new girls, pi phi has been consistent bottom for a while now. The girls just aren’t as “party girl, Instagram influencer, bumble representative” material.

By: True Sorority Rankings

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