Top Tier Frats @ Western?

by: Western

Who do you all think the best fraternity on campus are?

Posted By: Western
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#1  by: Yessss   

SAE and Sig Chi

By: Yessss
#2  by: topper   

sig chi and sae

By: topper
#3  by: Americans   

How many of y'all live in dry houses like Sig Ep and if so whats it like? Are you really a "dry" house, or do you drink at the house and just have parties elsewhere? I understand that it probably varies from house to house but if anyone has any experience with this can you tell what it was/is like being in a dry frat like Sig Ep?

By: Americans
by: suxMay 5, 2021 10:07:59 AM

These goobers think their "balanced man" bs is going to save greek life. Smh having a dry house and not throwing parties just makes you a club you geeds.

By: sux
by: TopOct 19, 2022 9:09:13 PM

SigEp's award winning BMP App is the next step for the premier student organization on our campus.

After signing into the app, a brother lands on his very own personalized homepage. Here he monitors his progress on BMP challenges and development in live time, examines his percentage of completed activities, and reviews the number of days left in his current challenge. He is able to do all of this at a glance before moving on to another feature of the BMP app. His profile allows him to record and write reflective thoughts on his personal BMP experience. Here he reviews his past, present and future challenges, sees his challenge mentors and contacts them immediately to schedule the next challenge. Additionally he can access the in-app directory of chapter brother profiles so he can see how his brothers are progressing through their challenges, creating more opportunities for chapter competition, friendly rivalvry and encouragement. On his activities page, he can conveniently access a list of challenge activities so that he can mark an activity as complete and then attach photos and documents as evidence. As as member updates his personalized challenge tracker, his challenge coordinator will be notified in real time. Coordinators and vice presidents of member development are able to access a list of all brothers in any given challenge to monitor their individual progress and percentage of completed activities and meetings. Brothers and officers can post to the newsfeed to inform each other about upcoming meetings, events and personal milestones. As you would expect with any social media feature, brothers are able to like and comment on other members’ posts, making the BMP more personal and interactive than ever before. Whether it’s managing personal challenge information, calling or emailing brothers from the in-app directory or exporting meeting and activity due dates to your mobile calendar, the app is SigEp’s all-in-one tool designed to help chapters build brotherhood, pursue the Balanced Man Ideal, and make the most of their SigEp experience.

By: Top
#4  by: Alpha Student   

KA's by far the best!

By: Alpha Student
#5  by: Hi    

Sae is my fav

By: Hi
#6  by: Yes   

Fraternities as they exist now are facing a crisis. Only 11% of students come to college interested in joining a fraternity. This declining interest has coincided with the fact that members of fraternities are far more likely to drink in excess than the average student. Because our SigEp chapter has a substance-free policy, we will recruit better candidates and have stronger manpower than other fraternities chapters that are regrettably still beholden to illegal and dangerous drinking. SigEp is modeling a new way and new future for other fraternities to follow.

By: Yes

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