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by: Checkitout

Anyone who is in Greek life or plans on maybe joining should really check out @abolishgreeklifebucknell on Instagram. People have had such bad experiences with Greek life and this upcoming semester with (hopefully) no parties or big events can maybe be the perfect time to change the dynamic on campus. Greeks and non-Greeks have an opportunity to change things and make a better environment for everyone on campus. Maybe greek life doesn’t need to be abolished fully, but we can make bucknell less divided. I’d highly encourage people to at least read the stories of people. Especially those on executive boards of Greek organizations who say they want to make change.

Posted By: Checkitout
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#1  by: No   

The page is just girls complaining about not getting into top tier sororities. Check it out...not a single guy has shared a post on there. It's not representative of the student body at large and their experience in greek life. It is however, a reflection of people's insecurities about their own popularity which is natural considering we're all teenagers who have been coddled to believe the world owes us something.

By: No
by: Can you readJul 28, 2020 2:00:51 PM

It’s not at all just girls complaining about not getting into top sororities. Many of the accounts are from current sorority women who have faced racial harassment, body shaming, and classist remarks. Even after getting into their first choice organization. There’s more to it. Trust me. It’s a great resource

By: Can you read
by: Seriously Jul 28, 2020 2:21:48 PM

Greek life disproportionately negatively impacts women so of course it’s mostly sorority women posting. But a lot of it goes past “I didn’t get in to a good sorority boohoo” there are women talking about abuse they’ve encountered, severe classism, and racism. All of which are super common on campus, but even more so in Greek life. Also how people get treated by the majority of campus based on the organization they join or don’t join. If you think it’s just complaining and whining clearly you don’t get the point.

By: Seriously
#2  by: Hahahaha   

Lmao “girls are disproportionately harmed by the Greek system”. You’ll don’t even pay for parties. If anything it’s guys in tight financial situations that are harmed the most by the Greek system.

By: Hahahaha
#3  by: pH 14   

I love that this kind of thing is posted on this site. Thanks, OP for drawing attention to the toxicity of the Greek system. It's so much better than reading the whining of Bucknell's most basic who are concerned with buying their way into a popularity contest.

By: pH 14
#4  by: But   

I don’t think Greek life needs to be abolished, but people should take a real look at what is going on. Sororities on campus are the center for socialization, making friends, finding people to talk to/date, study partners etc. When you’re paying just as much as everyone else to go to a private school, then yes you expect to be included (or at least given a chance). And if you really think about it or take a look at some of the girls that get dropped, it’s a lot of racism. You’re so quick to put people into categories, but what does race really mean anyway?? It’s fake

By: But
#5  by: The Winds of Change    

It's just a matter of time until Greek life is gone everywhere. It's a lumbering dinosaur unsuccessfully trying to struggle its way out of the tar pits.

By: The Winds of Change
#6  by: Midd    

Middlebury College abolished Greek life and established gender inclusive social living. That's a better model than the toxic mess we have at Bucknell.

By: Midd
#7  by: Concerned   

Those who have enjoyed Greek life and all of the positives that come with it, this is a direct threat to the future of Bucknell. Greek life is not the monster that it is being portrayed as and a select tiny portion of the student body is trying to destroy the system by creating a largely baseless generalization of what it means to be a part Greek life at Bucknell. This is not the time to be silent. Voice your support.

By: Concerned

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