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by: be happi

Say something nice about every sorority, go! Every sorority has a good thing about it!
W/no parties this semester Greek life is the closest thing to a social life. & once we’re allowed to socialize it will have to be contained so parties will be closed. sorry non Greeks u can’t bandwagon anymore. Go Greek!

Posted By: be happi
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#1  by: ?   

kkg: popular, fun, smart
Axo: fun, cool
axid: fun, relaxed
ADPi: smart and sweet
DG: kindest girl you’ve ever met
Theta: diverse interests, vibes, and whatnot, can’t define them (in a good way)
Chi O: amazing new pledge class who loves chi o x100
DZ: doing their best

By: ?
#2  by: good and the bad   

KKG had a different pledge class and were much more approachable. However most do think they are better than everyone.

AXO are popular with frats but they are out for themselves and had no issue putting the whole school at risk. They also fight a lot within Sorority

AXID loves to party and chill out. On the other hand their partying ways usually lead to them sleeping with your boyfriend.

ADPI Friendly girls who usually just hang around stressing over the fact they are not upper tier.

DG nice girls who cant shake the fact that someone was a tattle tale a few years ago.

Theta very active on campus and seem to like each other but the last pledge class looks like they like to eat more than like to party

Chi O took a very large and nice pledge class who has made it clear they are treated badly. They are bitter they are bottom and instead of being nice they are mean girls.

DZ they are trying but they lost the only girls people wanted to hang out with. They have a strange mix of girls who don't really have a chance to make it here at Bucknell.

By: good and the bad
by: EmJayJul 17, 2020 8:25:50 AM

Someone asked for NICE things about every sorority. Do you even know what the word means?

By: EmJay
by: LolJul 17, 2020 2:54:52 PM

Good and the bad you nailed it

By: Lol
#3  by: So Problematic   

Stop creating and reinforcing stereotypes. Organizations are full of different people. Independents aren't bandwagoners. Maybe this pandemic will have the positive effect of reducing the strangehold the Greek system has on the toxic social atmosphere at this school.

By: So Problematic
by: wellJul 17, 2020 12:38:37 PM

Greek life isn’t responsible for anyone else’s inability to have a social life. Greek life is half of campus, there is an entire other half. If you chose to go to super, benefit from frats hosting parties/paying/liabilities that’s on you. Greek life controls your social scene if you only go to Greek events as a bandwagoner. If you think that’s the only social scene and you want a social scene then either join Greek life or make one of your own.

I’m sorry I don’t understand how Greek life can have such a “hold over the social scene” when it is just doing its own thing being social, having fun, making friends. It doesn’t control an independents social scene unless they define their social scene as only Greek events in which case yes it will control it.

By: well
#4  by: ...no   

Non Greeks aren’t band wagoners. There are many reasons people don’t go Greek, including money issues, academic struggles, and avoiding some of the toxic culture just to name a few. That doesn’t mean they don’t like to have a good time. Just because you go Greek doesn’t make you better than anybody else (no matter what frat or sorority you’re a part of for that matter). Bandwagoning would be going to your mixers before they’re open and crashing date parties (not that that doesn’t happen, but the majority of non Greeks don’t do that). (Also if non Greeks weren’t wanted at parties they wouldn’t be let in, just saying).

By: ...no
by: ...stupidJul 17, 2020 5:00:33 PM

Based on your abbreviations it is clear that each of the posts by ...no are by 2 different people. No one said non Greeks rely on Greeks for their social life. It’s the fact that the op said non Greeks can’t bandwagon, insinuating that anyone who goes to a party hosted by Greek life that isn’t a part of Greek life is bandwagoning when that simply isn’t the case (in most cases). Look at the comments here in the context of the thread, not as stand alone. Otherwise you just make yourself look stupid.

By: ...stupid
by: check ya selfJul 17, 2020 8:50:27 PM

Bandwagoning is joining w a larger group disproportionately gaining the spoils....kinda like going to parties/mixers/formals paid for by Greek chapters, while the chapters are the ones to bare the complaints of the schools, fines (VERY EXPENSIVE), and liability.

y’all don’t realize that frats have people on door to stop stupid people who don’t know a house’ll get fined and suspended if you’re on their porch w a beer. Y’all like to think the frats are all stupid n horrible yet y’all don’t realize they make parties HAPPEN for the rest of campus. There’s tons of problems w Greek life but if you’re someone who enjoys the Bucknell social scene y’all better be hella thankful for them, their risk chairmen, guys on door, dues, and all that. Y’all realize they the dominant social scene cause nobody wanna be the person who hosts the party, like they bear all the costs. I aight sayin don’t be critical of Greek life, just you know...check yo self

By: check ya self
by: ...uhhJul 17, 2020 8:59:18 PM

My bad. I didn’t realize that by accepting an invitation by a friend or significant other to go to a date party or formals that I am jumping on the bandwagon.

By: ...uhh
by: ...huhJul 18, 2020 1:47:46 PM

You’ve heard of bandwagon fans. So by your logic anyone who likes the golden state warriors that isn’t a direct member is a bandwagon fan #justsaying

By: ...huh
#5  by: Read a Goddamn Book   

...no: is that English?

By: Read a Goddamn Book
#6  by: False   

The srat with girls that will sleep with me at 2 AM when I can barely walk are best

By: False

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