theta v chi o

by: Yert

What's the difference?

Posted By: Yert
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#1  by: my take   

Thetas don't cry or have a mental breakdown when they find out they're in theta. Chi O on the other hand...

By: my take
by: nahJun 25, 2019 9:49:37 AM

I know several thetas who did the same...

By: nah
by: Like Jun 25, 2019 10:02:50 AM

People like thetas and want to mix with them. Chi o are not over liked even by each other.

By: Like
#2  by: opinionated   

thetas are very brainy. More P-fellows than any other sorority. Will be successes in life.

By: opinionated
by: AndJul 13, 2019 9:39:26 PM

Thetas are also nicer and less petty than Chi O.

By: And
#3  by: Not even    

They are not even close to be compared. Theta moving up in food chain and chi o bottom feeders.

By: Not even
#4  by: Ana L'Bead   

Theta thinks they're cool,

ChiO knows their spot on the food chain better.

You want a turd that thinks it's gold, go to Theta. You want a nickel that thinks it's a quarter? Go to ChiO.

By: Ana L'Bead
by: OkAug 13, 2019 6:02:49 AM

More like if you think your cool but act like a turd join chi o.

By: Ok
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By: GeorgelUnose
by: NahOct 18, 2019 11:41:40 PM

How about shut up?

By: Nah
#6  by: around campus   

Can y'all just please stop. I would like to graduate from this school being friends with everyone. Let's not label each other.

By: around campus
#7  by: around campus   

Can y'all just please stop. I would like to graduate from this school being friends with everyone. Let's not label each other.

By: around campus
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by: Bucky the BisonSep 16, 2020 9:03:23 AM

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By: Bucky the Bison

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