Top 5 Reasons to go Greek

Alpha Gamma Delta Girls - Murray College / Flickr
 Alpha Gamma Delta Girls - Murray College / Flickr

Going away to college freshman year allows you to experience so many new and exciting things. You are in a new environment with new people exploring new options for your life. One of these options will be whether or not to go greek
. While greek life participation varies from school to school the brotherhood and sisterhood found within each organization remains constant. When I was considering rushing I was constantly reminded that the sorority I would end up in was not just for four years, but for the rest of my life. The bonds that you form with your greek organization is meant to carry on past the four years of your undergrad and leave you with lifelong friendships and connections. The beauty of joining a greek organization is that each house has its’ own values and personality so that you can find where you fit best. There are many wonderful things about going greek but in case you’re still hesitant here’s the top 5:

1. Lifelong friendship: By joining a fraternity or sorority you are automatically exposed to people who, if you hadn’t joined, you may never had the opportunity to meet. You can never have enough friends and going greek definitely expands your social circle. The men or women you pledge with will soon become like a second family to you and will most likely be the people you see at your wedding and other momentous events in your life. They will be there to support you, hang out with you, eat meals with you, and always have your back. What could be better than that?

2. Connections: Another wonderful aspect of joining a fraternity or sorority is the connections you gain once you become an active member. Once you are initiated you are automatically connected by an invisible bond to men and women across the country. You have shared experiences that few have and sometimes that connection alone could give you an edge up on competition for an internship, recommendation, or job.

3. Social aspects: There’s really no ignoring or denying that greeks know how to have fun. Fraternities and sororities know how to have a good time no matter the occasion! Between formals, socials, sisterhood/brotherhood outings, or just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon going greek will guarantee you never have a dull moment on campus!

4. Philanthropy: Greeks are often stereotyped as nothing but a bunch of drunks however, greek organizations across the country raise thousands of dollars a year for various charities. Not only do greeks raise money, they also spread awareness and participate in numerous and creative philanthropy events. Helping others and leading by example is something very important to every greek organization and what could possibly be better then having a great time while helping improve others’ lives?

5. Life skills: Many people may not associate “receiving life skills” as a perk of joining a fraternity or sorority but to them I say you clearly must not have joined. Going greek teaches you how to get along with large amounts of people, how to carry yourself with respect and class, how to speak publicly, and countless other valuable lessons. The standards that all greek organizations hold their members to are meant to improve them not only as students but also as human beings.

Going greek has changed my life, and countless other lives, for the better. It isn’t something you do just to have fun for four years of college. It’s something you do and are a part of your entire life. So when considering and judging the greek system at your school just remember that not only will you have a great time during your undergrad, you’ll have a great connection with people and your organization for the rest of your life.



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