Things To Enjoy In College While Still Socially Acceptable

 Deborah Tragasz  

Once the semester starts, college tends to become its own little world for those in attendance. It has its own rules and norms…until of course you graduate and are in a completely new world…adulthood. Let’s face it, what seems normal and status quo while you’re an undergrad will probably earn some serious shade and concern post college. But for now, here’s a look at a few things that you should definitely indulge in until that day arrives.


Disclaimer: Obviously you shouldn’t dictate what you do and don’t do based on the judgements of others. Do whatever is in your best interest and keeps you going. But don’t say we didn’t warn you that not everyone will be so understanding and chill about it once you get your diploma.
Thriving on absolutely no sleep. Right now your dorm is stacked to the ceiling with red bull cans and the like. And rightly so while you’re juggling a full time student load, plus extra curriculars and a part time job to boot. But maybe consider getting some sleep….eventually?
Sweat pants and t-shirts…every day Unless you’re a freshman (or just really extra) it’s unlikely that you are regularly seen in “real” clothes. Your future boss probably won’t want you coming to work like that, so dress down while you still can. (Even if your boss is super chill it’s probably a good idea to make sure whatever you wear to work is clean).
Not cooking—ever Not everybody will be a master chef just because they “grow up”. But maybe not take-out or Hot Pockets for every meal either.
Seeing your friends every day So it’s certainly not looked down upon to see your friends every day…just rare. As an adult, you will have limited money, energy, and time off and so will they. And trying to get schedules to line up  is difficult at best. So treasure your time with them now.
Simply being young and being you Seriously. You’ll never be this youthful and worry-free ever again, and (hopefully) not in college forever. Bloom where you’re planted and just LIVE.

Good luck to all as you live out your undergrad life and then transition to adulthood!            



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