Sorority Rush Videos Do's And Don'ts

Sorority Rush Videos Do's And Don'ts
 Sorority Rush Videos Do's And Don'ts

Ah, sorority rush videos. This form of recruitment media looks to take the old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ to new levels, conveying a whole sisterhood in just a few minutes. They are also capable of being massively cheesy and embarrassing. Rush videos are a chance to portray your sisterhood in any light you choose, and at many schools they make or break rush.
Here are a few examples of how to do it right, as well as things to avoid in a rush video.

1) Use a video to portray yourselves accurately, not pilot a new image.  
It is easy to look at the crazy popular and beautiful videos from top state school sororities and simply try to emulate them. Don’t! Your girls are unique and any attempt to force your way into a stereotype in which you don’t fit will come off fake. If your sorority isn’t the type of girls who run around in bikinis while holding hands all day, but more the type of girls who enjoy froyo dates and movies night…then make sure to the video highlights the froyo/movie nights over the bikinis. 

A GREAT EXAMPLE: Delta Gamma at University of Oregon, 2013

This video is honest and real—the girls are casually dressed, doing everyday things like brushing their teeth and going for runs, yet their love for each other stands out.
2) Have it be done by someone who knows what they’re doing.
Make sure that your video idea matches the skill level of the people making it. If you go for a big concept and it isn’t well done, your sorority will come off sloppy, unprepared, or awkward. Maybe all three. Either get a professional or keep it simple!
A GREAT EXAMPLE: Alpha Phi at Washington State University, 2015

These girls kept it simple and cute—no big stunts or effects, just a fun collection of clips.
3) Plan ahead!
When you decide to make the video, plan ahead to get as much footage as possible from as many events as possible. Seeing the sorority members engaged in philanthropy, sports, social events, and more makes the video seem more characteristic of real sorority life, as opposed to just a one-time photo shoot.
A GREAT EXAMPLE: Chi Omega at UNC Greensboro, 2014

See how these girls are being shown in a variety of outfits, locations, and activities? It’s a much more enjoyable watching experience 
1) Do a rap parody.
This is something that is cute on skit day of recruitment, or as a total joke. However, when it crosses the line to being serious it can be so, so awkward.
A BAD EXAMPLE: Alpha Epsilon Phi at George Washington University, 2013

This needs no explanation.
2) Go crazy with flower crowns, glitter and bubbles.
While this can be adorable, the purpose of a recruitment isn’t to show off your Pinterest abilities or how much time you spend on Etsy.  In reality, a bunch of girls blowing glitter at the camera shows absolutely nothing about your sisterhood, and will likelyattract the most shallow of rushees.
A BAD EXAMPLE:  Gamma Phi Beta at Texas A&M 2014

While this is cute towards the end, the first half is 90% crafts. Enjoy the twist on the glitter blow at 2:38!
3) Focus on looks alone.
This is a tough argument, as clearly something about featuring hot girls in bikinis gets noticed. Who woulda thought? However, in my opinion shallow videos attract shallow girls.
A BAD EXAMPLE: Delta Gamma at University of Miami 2015

Ugh. I can’t really say this is bad, because they are so so hot, but the only thing you notice about this video is how hot they are.
All in all, let your chapter shine through your recruitment video. Be yourselves, try not to be embarrassing, and when in doubt, pull a DG Miami and just film it on a yacht.
Happy recruiting!



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