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Dear freshman,

For a mid major school WMU has a pretty darn good Greek life. I would say fraternity wise this past years recruitment was not very competitive due to the lack of freshman rushing. On the other hand sororities seemed to have a pretty balanced recruitment. While rules keep getting tighter and fraternities have been getting in some trouble I don’t see greek life at western going away anytime soon. We have a fairly strong community with good leaders within it and I personally feel it will evolve through changes in order to accommodate the world around us. Greek like is full of opportunities and is a great way to find your social circle in college. I have made friends for life with the people in my chapter that I can count on for anything. Additionally, everything posted on this website is complete garbage and I encourage anyone looking at rushing to completely disregard anything they read on this and talk to each house and see for yourself. It’s not hard to figure out what houses are what once you see them, what they do, and the people in and around them. At the same time don’t join a house for the popularity, we all graduated high school. Each house is its own little community within the greek community and you will mainly associate with those people in your house so choose wisely!
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