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UL Greek not so good

I was an active member in a fraternity at UL and served in various leadership positions. I know many alumni who went Greek an did really well, but it had nothing to do with them going Greek and everything to do with their work ethic and drive. UL Greek life has some advantages in networking and possibly helping your career, but honestly there are plenty of other options at UL that are WAY less expensive and offer basically the same benefits. In a fraternity, you'll be paying monthly dues starting in the range of $100/month and social fees to help fund socials and other events. Not to mention the highly illegal "passing of the hat." There also may be expectations for you to give money when needed if you have it. Then there's the possibility of you getting suspended from campus if you're in leadership and the fraternity gets in trouble, which happens more often than many people realize. The hazing is much more prevalent than many people realize and has left many damaged. I talk to people regularly who struggle with the many psychological and emotional traumas of being hazed. Many have a difficult time adjusting to the expectations of the real world where people may have different views than them and typically become terrible friends and even worse employees. This is not true of every fraternity but of many. Also, most fraternities place a huge emphasis on partying and in turn destroy many student's academic careers. Most people I knew in a fraternity dropped-out or left the University all- together. The worst part of being in the Greek system at UL is the gossip and rumors and the constant competition for popularity and status. If you're thinking of going Greek also consider what it may do to you family and friendships. Many people are required to spend a significant amount of time with their fraternity brothers and sisters. Please consider the major impact this decision will have on the rest of your life before joining one of these organizations.
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