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Greek Life is kind of small compared to the population of the school - Commuter campus or not. The women definitely have more membership because they guys can't retain. No housing per the university which sucks. From what I know, Pike, KA and Sigep haze a little, so do the black fraternities. But I have never heard of a sorority hazing here. The groups try their best to be involved with the campus but I dont think the administration see their positive contribution and dont help them out. It could be great here! We have all the potential to really have a huge greek life but all the chapters need help getting there. New advisors and for Mena and Todd Shaver to let Gabby really take it to the next level. It isn't expensive either, especially since none of them have housing. And dont come at me about Sigep having a house. They have a condemned, dilapidated shed that their "alumni pay for". It isn't university/nationally owned so it doesn't count. MAKE GREEK LIFE GREAT AGAIN! WE CAN DO IT
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