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Pledge edge

Greek life has turned into a competition to see who can last the longest without getting suspended. At this point if you j-walk in letters you might as well kiss your charter away. Sneeze the wrong way and get suspended. No greek housing, greek week was stripped from us, ODU shuts tailgates down at 1pm if the music is too loud. And don't even think about having a night party without getting a court sentence. The school's police are more concerned with making sure COLLEGE kids don't party rather than keeping them safe. I personally know someone whos been stabbed, someone whos been robbed, and another whos had their house broken into. But god forbid college kids wanna play music loudly outside at 1 pm on a saturday. Only safe places to drink and have a good time near campus are at mojos, macks and last but CERTAINLY not least EDGE. So join greek life, wait till you're "21" and go do what every greek organization does and gather at edge. Jen your job isnt hard, stop kicking everyone off so you dont have a job to do.
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