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Yesterday a woman approached me at the Greek Block party and asked if she could be gay and be a {insert sorority here}, so I wanted to clear up some confusion before recruitment. Sororities want you for you who are. Oglethorpe participates in values-based recruitment. If you feel that one sorority is unwelcoming, that isn't the house for you (but that might be the house for someone else). I'm not going to pretend that sororities have always been inclusive (read the history between Chi Omega and Delta Nu at Dickinson College), but they are working on it. Check out their national inclusivity policies! I will say that each chapter has openly gay sisters that feel at home in their letters and that Oglethorpe greek life is nothing like Neighbors or a big school. Run home to the house that you feel at home in and that you feel you will grow in. Who are you having genuine conversations with? Who is challenging you to better yourself or encouraging your potential? The real kicker with values-based recruitment? You need to be familiar with your own values first. Maybe inclusivity isn't high on your list but philanthropic engagement is. Do your research on each sorority on a national level, sure. But, at the end of the day, you're running home to the women at Oglethorpe. (And no matter where you go, we are all Panhellenic sisters!)
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