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Forgive the rambling: A lot to say and a small space to say it. Somehting like 25% of the student population at Ogle belongs to a social greek organization. Every greek house is identical, so don't let that impact your decision when rushing. And, all panhellenic sorority houses are dry. Delta Sig doesn't have a house - but that's on Ogle and not a reflection of their brotherhood (and they still hosts events and parties all over campus). Alpha Phi Alpha, Ei Psi, and Alpha Kappa Alpha aren't represented on this site, so if you are a person of color and looking to go Greek, explore all of your options. Oglethorpe has a huge anti-hazing policy and is very attentive. You might hear rumors but they aren't true. Greeks report each other for even rumors and every accustation is taken seriously. If you're going greek, ignore the opinions of others and choose your home for you.
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