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The school hates greek life but expects them to participate and help the school in whatever way they can use them. Indiana State itself is good at just using people for money anyways not surprised they use us for labor and to uphold their image of community service. The parties are pretty safe because they must be registered but this can result in the college allowing some frats to have parties and others to not based on their opinion on your fraternity. For the sororities they have a very structured rush and wonderful ladies come out and join. The frats however do it all on their own typically just posting a picture of a rush flyer. This means that not a lot of guys hear about certain frats and then a bunch of no bodies start their own instead of joining an established fraternity. This sky rocketed the amount of fraternities to now around 13 (could be more) where there are only 9 sororities. Many of these new frats only having around 17-25 members. Do yourself and everyone a favor rush to make greek life better.
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