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Lowkey Heated lately

Greek Population: 35% Greek Housing Quality: Honestly the rooms are really nice. Full-size beds and pretty big rooms. Downside tho, you can get WAY better housing on campus for the price. Seriously?? Tier-3 to have a roommate? Come on. At least let people pay more to single them out. Greek Involvement: Goes one of two ways. People are either super involved in the rest of the campus or barely even involved in their Greek organization. You can choose which you'd want to be. Social Scene: This is where I think the largest amount of the social scene takes place, but that's my assumption because I'm involved in Greek. You never hear about GDIs throwing a big centennial party. Sorority formals can be pretty fun and same with fraternity parties on the weekend. Kind of either have to be a part of it or know someone who is. Rated it average tho bc of regulations in comparison to other schools. Can be super fun tho. Attractiveness: It runs the gamut. You could've assumed that tho. Its a spectrum for sure. Best looking people on campus tho are usually either athletes or in greek life. Gender ratio: 200 girls in a sorority vs 80 guys. Greek Hazing: Nothing like state schools. find out for yourself. Greek Selection Difficulty: If you're not cool, people know it. And if you're not cool AND you have bad social skills, forget about it. Overall: I love being a part of greek life, but there are def some problems with it.
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