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Reality Check

Alright guys. I visited from UCB, took a look at the Greek Life at UCR, and I’m sorry to break it to y’all but it’s a joke. Shouldn’t even be called Greek Life. For starters, there’s no Greek Row or houses. This is your major issue. If this was fixed there would be a chance for y’all. Second, there is no stadium, football team, or game days. You guys should petition for a stadium or something, you have no idea how much it transforms party life and, if I’m being real, school spirit as a whole. But the reason why this will never happen leads into my third reason You guys just don’t seem to care enough. From the fraternity I visited, (this is considered one of the higher up ones according to people), it honestly seems like you guys use Greek life as a status symbol more than anything else. There’s no love for Greek life besides the status it gives y’all. It’s different at bigger campuses, because people care about more than just the partying. But I guess this mentality represents UCR as a whole. People go here for the status of a UC, but didn’t try hard enough to get into a real one. I hope the hazing isn’t bad here because you’re better off not rushing and transferring after a year or two. Honest perspective. UCR has potential but it needs to get kicked into shape.
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