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Many girls go through recruitment freshman year for a few reasons and a few reasons only. I was a freshman once and I did the same thing. We all want to feel like we belong in a group as we travel far away from home for the first time in our lives. We have our independence and now we want our girl squad. Some people do it for friends and some people do it for the social class. Freshman girls tend to get lost in "who's popular?" or "who can party?" But coming from my experience, those are the least important attributes to a chapter. Find the one that makes you feel like you found your second home. Yes, you will still come across a social hierarchy or "mean girls", even in your own chapter. Many girls, in your sorority or not, will worry about wealth, Instagram likes, how attractive you are, and where you fall on the social scale. Do not lose your value because of how superficial some girls may be. There are some down to earth ladies. You just need to find them in the crowd of superficial people.
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