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5th year super senior

UO has 12 active sororities and around 17 active fraternities. Greek life isn't a large percentage of the student body but that doesn't make it bad. Oregon has so much more to offer than being in a house which is awesome for a school this big. This makes greek life only a little less popular compared to the Big 10 and SEC, where all there is to do is join a frat/srat and go to the bars. However greek life has been getting more competitive in recent years as some of the more social fraternities have gone inactive. Fraternity rushing is quite informal and usually way easier to get bids. It’s nearly impossible to get into a party if your a guy not in Greek life so rushing is your best bet if your looking forward to that. On the other hand, rushing a sorority is pretty difficult and I would say that only a third of rushees will be offered bids. But because there are many fraternities off campus, you don’t not need to be in a sorority to be invited to their parties which is pretty sweet for GDIs. The UO is definitely a different type of vibe than most campuses, but there is a house for everyone. Hazing isn't that bad, usually the bigger houses tend to haze a little more, and many houses have liveouts which help to run the social scene. If you want to join greek life, do it. I highly recommend joining as it’s the best way to make new friends, get involved, and truly experience an unforgettable college opportunity. It is freaking awesome and you will not regret it, no matter the house you join. If you don't, you can still have an amazing time at Oregon. Again, I’ve made my best friends in the house I am in, and no matter the letters, we’re all Greek together.
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