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I’m currently a Greek here at western, and there are a lot of efforts being made to make Greek life better and bigger. I think a main issue is organizations’ judging each other and not working together. Another issue is older Greeks (seniors or 5th years) stop becoming involved, and stop trying to recruit. The party scene is average, personally I like it better knowing that I know 80% of the people there at the parties, and that it’s not very likely it will get busted or anything. The new head of the Greek office, Ron, is getting a lot of help from students to get things changed and going better. As a forewarning, here at western you have to have at least 15 credit hours to rush, so sorority formal rush is in the spring instead of fall like other schools. This gives women time to research an org before joining right away. Both fraternity recruitments are informal rush weeks in both semesters, but again 15 credit hours. Overall. & think this school has come a long way but we have a loooong way to go.
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