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University:  University of Central Arkansas - UCA

Greek Organization:  Alpha Sigma Alpha

Author:  facts

Comment:  saw this on the discussion tab and though it should be on everyone’s feed as well. love you all!!! Okay, to any incoming freshmen or people who may potentially want to join a Greek organization... this site is NOT how you need to formulate your opinions on each organization and its members. Let me explain. Each and every ranking on this website comes from one of 3 groups of people: 1. Students in the greek organization they're ranking. Obviously, these people usually have all good things to say about their sorority/fraternity. A biased opinion. 2. Students in a different Greek organization than the one they're ranking. These people usually rate other organizations negatively to make theirs' rankings seem better by comparison. Another biased opinion. 3. Students/others who are not in the Greek system at UCA. These people are not a part of a greek organization at all, and honestly cannot understand some of the things that go on in sororities and fraternities, just because they are not a part of one themselves. This isn't at all a bad thing, but it means they have a relatively uninformed opinion on the organizations and their members--they just aren't around them as much. Even if someone posted their honest, unbiased, informed opinion of an organization on this website, that's all it is--one person's OPINION. An opinion is something that can also change over time. Someone may have a terrible viewpoint of an organization due to the members they have met, but may meet other members who totally change their mind. Its a fickle thing to base your future membership in the Greek system on. Do not take everything you read on this website as a fact. People can type literally whatever they want into a box and influence your viewpoint of an organization for all time. Take some time, and go meet, talk to, and hang out with members of an organization you're interested in. Get to know them, their values, and the values they share with their organization. Meet MULTIPLE people. There are so many members in each organization that it would be really really difficult to not find someone you like and someone you dislike in each room. Even though each one may be "known for" one thing, I promise you there is a member (probably quite a few members) that are nothing like the stereotype of their organization. Bottom line--the rankings and reviews aren't facts. Go find out the information for yourself, and be your own judge.
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