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University:  University of Georgia - UGA

Greek Organization:  Alpha Phi

Author:  Mmmm mmm ya ya

Comment:  The only regret I have is NOT rushing aphi. There is a SEA of girls with different personalities and you will for sure find one of your besties. A sea of girls means a sea of majors you will go to class with em, find them at tutoring, Wesley, studying at night or if u like to party they have those dt too. Freshman year I was drawn away from it because some students talked really down abt them bc they were new but actually these are the girls who stuck thru the bad talk and got the best house on Milledge and put people to shame. I wish I would’ve said yes to the bid offer bc they are so nice but unfortunately I didn’t know what was best for me at the time. I know some of you all reading this are uga babies or freshmen who submitted their PNM dues/ getting recs and are looking up rankings. Just don’t listen to others and don’t make yourself uncomfy just for the title bc that’s not what Greek life is about. In the end if u have a great personality everyone from any srat/frat chapter will want to hang with you!!
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