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University:  Michigan State University - MSU

Greek Organization:  Pi Kappa Alpha

Author:  Patrick Swayze

Comment:  I have been working in the Midwest Greek Life Community for 21 years now ranking the best houses. I have been to Pike at Michigan State twice. Once in 2013 and another time around a month ago. It is very clear to me that nothing has changed and Pike still remains as the top house. The first thing I noticed outside of their house other than the 25 luxury automobiles driven by all 25 tenants residing in what many call “The Pike Palace”. I noticed that the turf that was imported from various foreign fabrics in France was missing, it did not come to a shocker to learn that it was stolen as an attempt to be like Pike. I took a step inside the house after opening the 10 foot marble door to be greeted by 25 men bench pressing 225 as burnout sets while having girls in Chi Omega spotting all of them and serving them amino acids through straws. I had planned on staying longer but I believed that I had already seen enough to declare Pike a top house. I was left with one saying that stuck with me and made think “If it ain’t Pike, it ain’t right”
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