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University:  George Mason University - GMU

Greek Organization:  Kappa Delta

Author:  Really?

Comment:  You’re literal trash if you feel the need to come onto here and write about people within your own chapter. Is it really that hard to just go up to them, like an adult, and talk about the issues? Or bring it up in chapter to discuss with everyone if it’s a chapter-wide issue. This may be an anonymous ranking system, but if you actually read the terms for posting on here, it says “We have worked with law enforcement in the past, including the FBI, to help in cases of cyber bullying.” Your IP address can be tracked and if you didn’t know that, you do now. Think before you post things online. If you really have an issue with multiple people in the chapter, drop...get yourself out of that situation. You can’t complain about something you’re choosing to do.
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