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University:  George Mason University - GMU

Greek Organization:  Kappa Delta

Author:  If we're being honest

Comment:  Ok so lets all be honest. Kappa Delta is doing very good given how new they are. They came to campus just a couple of years ago and have fought their way to be where they are. My roommate is in KD so I know exactly how much they've been going through. I feel like on this page someone comments one negative thing (i.e. about the president or philanthropy) and then other sororities flock to the page to keep adding extra over the top comments to bring down KD's rank. Like chill out. These girls do a lot and get a lot of trouble from nationals and Panhellenic because they are new. Want more content? Nationals had controlled their recruitment video so hard, saying what they can and cant post, meanwhile panhellenic didn't repost them all summer. Want more events? Philanthropy chair tried, but they got in trouble by "higher authorities". I'm so sad by the community for how they treat new sororities. KD has been to other chapters events and supported them (shout out to coming to our event). I just want to say we love you guys and I hope things get better and these dumb ranks are girls just threatened. WE WANT TO SEE YOU GLOW
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