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University:  Utah State University - USU

Greek Organization:  Alpha Sigma Phi

Author:  .

Comment:  Their most recent defining moment was the following. One of our past initiated brothers had to take a break from school after his mother was diagnosed with cancer to spend as much time as he could with her. Then when she finally passed 2 years later there was a vote brought up in paying for $20 worth of flowers for her funeral. They voted no (Mind you they spend $1000+ on their formals for dinner and decor) and not one of them showed up to the funeral. There are some great individuals among them, and I would be lying if I said I regretted doing it as I learned a ton about people and myself and made terrific friends while doing so. But, I wouldn’t join them again as they’ve changed to trading brotherhood for what feels like a hollow aesthetic, to which they sell each other for constantly. They now have maybe 3 events a semester outside of recruitment (but countless mandatory trainings) and their leadership has a history of stealing off the backs of others to glorify themselves, all while feeding their insecurities as they let everything fall apart and shoving everyone beneath them. Keep in mind too that they are the cheapest fraternity only because you HAVE to keep paying all through school even if you leave because they make you sign a contract that says so. If you want just the image of being in a fraternity they will be perfect for you. If you want an actual brotherhood with people you can depend on go join Pi Kappa Alpha.
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