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University:  University of North Carolina at Wilmington - UNCW

Greek Organization:  Alpha Gamma Delta

Author:  seahawk123

Comment:  agd is not your average sorority. they aren't all about what they look like on instagram or whatever social media sites. they are a genuine group of girls who really care about each other. My roommate rushed them when we were freshman and she still is in it today as a senior. she has loved it from the start and always came back to the dorm with funny stories that happened with her sisters. i tend to not go on websites like greekrank because I have no business to write about sororities or frats but I just thought if a girl that reads this and is going thru recruitment, they should really consider agd. they're a great group of girls who are quirky and outgoing. If I could have gone back to freshman or sophomore year I would have loved to have gone AGD.
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