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University:  University of Tennessee at Knoxville - UTK

Greek Organization:  Kappa Alpha Order

Author:  Melanie

Comment:  Wow. What can I say about the guys at Kappa Alpha Order that hasn’t already been said? I shacked with a brother recently and went to use his bathroom in the morning. To my surprise, I found that he uses $20 bills instead of toilet paper. When I asked him about this, he said “Andrew Jackson is my least favorite President. The trail of tears was practically a war crime”. Not only did this show me that they are unbelievably rich, but they also care about Native American rights. An underrated aspect about KA is their super involved alumni base. One alumni is my financial advisor and has already increased my investment by 134.8%. Very nice, thanks Mr. Ogier! I have to dock them a couple of points though because of their “DJ”. Too much fist pumping and I’m pretty sure he just uses Spotify’s EDM playlist. Overall, great group of guys.
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