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University:  University of La Verne - ULV

Greek Organization:  Phi Delta Theta

Author:  FiveApples

Comment:  The Phi Delts have honestly always had such a wide spread of bros. The coolest guys in their chapter are pretty sick, but some of their guys are incredibly awkward and just not really lit. Additionally, it is very evident that some of their members are trying way too hard to be something that their not so that's kind of funny to see sometimes. Their venue parties are honestly probably some of the best parties at the entire University. But then again, the Phi Delts have never had a satellite house while the other Fraternity has. The sororities really do love the Phi Delts though. They've come under heat twice during my time at ULV once for something title 9 related and once for something race related. Overall, this is a great organization at ULV that contributes a lot to the entire school's culture and social scene.
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