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University:  Davidson College - DC

Greek Organization:  Phi Gamma Delta

Author:  Mooooooo

Comment:  Fiji is an unique frat at Davidson. Being one of the largest on campus, they are by far the most involved and studious of all PCC organization (evidenced by highest gpa almost every year). Despite their size, there is a strong and common brotherhood among them and they all seem to take their role on campus as a fraternity very seriously. I have heard that they highlight mental health and alcohol/drug use in their pledging and most parties they host are at Ryburn, not F. Although they are not known for throwing wild ragers, they do host some fun and inclusive ones. I enjoyed their islander and frolics parties. I have heard pledging is pretty easy and it seems that they have a strong and active pledge class currently that will look to up the Fiji party scene. Overall, Fiji is not your stereotypical frat (but really, no frat at Davidson is) but they are a genuine and fun group of guys that do a lot inside and outside Fiji.
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