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University:  Stevens Institute of Technology - SIT

Greek Organization:  Chi Phi

Author:  Jenny Park

Comment:  Chi Phi brothers are real gentlemen. They are very safe to be around and don't act like rapists as many fraternity brothers do at some other frats on campus. Chi Phi members are very smart and are the kind of guys who have the guts to stand up for girls like me if a party guest makes me feel uncomfortable. The Chi Phi boys do not put up with sexual assault or hazing, which is nice to know if you are rushing this fraternity. Chi Phi throw the most inspiring parties and are always very classy. They have one of the highest overall GPAs for any Greek house on campus. They have a very strong and healthy brotherhood and actually care alot about each other. Chi Phis are not the stereotypical fraternity brothers who use drugs or like doing stupid things like pouring beer on each other's heads. Chi Phis strongly believe that you can have a fun time in college while still being classy. They really live up to their values of Truth, Honor and Personal Integrity.
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