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University:  Rochester Institute of Technology - RIT

Greek Organization:  Kappa Delta Rho

Author:  4th Year Salt

Comment:  I've been around long enough to tell if a fraternity on RIT's campus is good or not and Kappa Delta Rho is one of them. I rushed them my second year but I did not get a bid due to reasons I will not get into but I can tell you that they are still very friendly to me and I still hang out with the brothers from time to time. They threw probably the best parties at RIT but right now they are in the process of rebuilding their chapter so people who came to RIT this year don't know what real parties were like. Especially when I was a freshmen, like damn they put others to shame. #Kayne2020 Overall great fraternity, don't sleep on them. They might be small now but they will clap back and I hope they do before I graduate in June
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