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University:  University of La Verne - ULV

Greek Organization:  Phi Delta Theta

Author:  2007Alum

Comment:  I'm dating myself, but I've been out of college for over 11 years now and I STILL keep in contact with my brothers. Several attended my wedding. I just hope that the pledge classes that follow are as responsible as we were. I had a very positive experience being involved while I was there. I credit this fraternity to being the man I am today. We were or are not perfect by any means, but I think we did a great job of being an example while always under constant scrutiny. If I lived closer, I would still be involved today (although it may make me feel old). Us Phis have a saying "I will strive in all ways to transmit the fraternity to those who may follow after, not only, not less, but greater than it was transmitted to me". Remember this fellow actives!
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