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University:  City College of New York - CCNY

Greek Organization:  Tau Epsilon Phi

Author:  Mark

Comment:  Your can look at this frat in a couple of different ways because they have are down to earth chill, and you can have a conversation with them and feel like you are always welcome. They have a positive vibe to helping out the community. However, they aren’t what I expected when I first met them. Most of the comments I believe are from the members themselves because almost everybody in CCNY knows that TEP is probably the worst social frat on campus. I don’t believe it entirely but when u look at other frats, you can see why they aren’t that liked. But the reason I think they aren’t that great is their management. Their president does not have a personality and I still don’t know why every time I see him, he is wearing a suit. Also the president claimed a couple of things about his frat that aren’t actually true such as their worth. They don’t have a house and they use it as an excuse. I met up with TKE and they chipped in for a an apartment for everyone to share. So Tep saying that stuff is kind of babyish. Tep isn’t bad but they can be so much better if they were consistent. I could keep going but u can just see it for yourself
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