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University:  City College of New York - CCNY

Greek Organization:  Tau Epsilon Phi

Author:  Manny

Comment:  Now I wanted to give my personal view as a dropped pledge. They are great group of people, and everyone is different in their own way. I like how it is diverse in their own little way but at the same time they know what's up. In addition, I believe they can be something big even though they are no where near TKE or KE when it comes to popularity. But I do still interact with some people as well from this fraternity. However, they also need to improve, I do agree that they are making excuses about not having a house, and the president needs to really step up when it comes to involvement. Also i feel like they have to improve in parties because they have none, and I have friends in other TEP chapters who have parties every week. If you want to have a mainstream brotherhood, then join and take advantage of the opportunities. They are not best, but they are definitely valid
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