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University:  Valparaiso University - VALPO

Greek Organization:  Sigma Pi

Author:  Taco Taco Taco Taco Taco

Comment:  I love Sig Pi! they're on the rise! I'v not seen another frat where all the guys seem so close and genuine. I guess they're pretty small right now but I also heard that's because their new president (the one that looks like 15) is trying to fix alot of they're bigger issues like the drugs RIGHT AWAY and he started kicking brothers out. I don't like how crowded their bar is during parties this year, its like all of a sudden everyone suddenly realized they're fun. Halloween was ridiculous! Like if they're president (15 year old) didn't end up shutting it all down early, somebody was gonn get trampled to death in that bar. Overall they're still my favorite frat! I think the highschooler president is doingg good for them, he doesnt care who he pisses off, I hope they recruit well cause they're getting scary small.
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