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University:  Brandeis University - BU

Greek Organization:  Alpha Pi Phi

Author:  Shortie

Comment:  An amazing sorority. They may not be the most dominant at Brandeis, but they make up for it in spirit and sisterhood. When KBG was new they weren't the most popular either because greek life is apprehensive about new organizations, which is ridiculous. This sorority has expanded to nearly four times it's original size in less than two years, has a partnership with a club on campus, has just as many collaborations with frats as bigger sororities, and constantly reaches towards social justice. They changed their dress code rules for a student who was not comfortable wearing a skirt. The best part is how different the sisters are. While some sororities have reputations, in this one you will find sisters who are on varsity sports, arts, super popular and put together, love to party, or love to sit at home and watch Netflix on Friday night. They are all friends even though some are completely opposite. Also about 1/4th of them have made a club which is insane. Driven, smart, feminist.
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