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University:  Stevens Institute of Technology - SIT

Greek Organization:  Chi Phi

Author:  Sig Delt

Comment:  I love Chi Phiiiiiiii my favorite frat to go to!!! SO CHILL and they are definitely the most unique fraternity. Their house is the coolest in my opinion - awesomely decorated and clean, almost every room is its own little party when they have a big party. I think the second to last time I was there, a band or something was just jamming in one of the bedrooms and you could just walk in and listen. AMAZING ROOF. They also actually put in the effort to make mixed drinks on the spot when they have parties. Best thing about them though is that they're sweet guys - I think if you read this you can already tell I'm a female lol, but the guys there will actually make the effort to have a good convo with me/my sisters instead of just trying to suck face.
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