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hey lovely pnms! we can’t wait to meet you all so soon! I wanted to stop by here to just say that I hope you guys don’t take this site too seriously. It’s so hard to see other people that tear down other women and chapters here. a lot of them are frat guys being rude but a few women too. tcu panhellenic is such an amazing community full of strong, intelligent, compassionate, beautiful women of all different backgrounds and stories! the more you settle in here, the more you’ll realize — we all have friends in all chapters! i have very close friends in literally every single sorority!! there are no “better” chapters but there are better fits for you! i found the girls for me and i would have it no other way! they cherish the values i cherish and they embody exactly what i was looking for when i chose to rush, and everyone is rushing for different reasons! all of the women are amazing and the chapters are all full of women. panhellenic was made to be a place for women to come together and support other women and create good in the world. don’t resort to tearing others down during this process! recruitment is not a competition, it’s a journey to find your home, and every journey is different because you are all different! listen to your heart — i went into some rounds pretending to be someone i wasn’t and then when i went into my chapter, i felt happy and seen and accepted, and it was when i realized that that i knew it was my home. i loved all of my houses and the women i talked to were amazing, but one felt like i was coming home after a long day of hectic business and like i could just breathe and be myself and they loved me for me. listen to your heart. you all have got this!!! we can’t wait to meet you! you are ALL beautiful and worthy inside and out! be yourself, we want YOU, not who you think we want!
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