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You might know some sophomores but that really is it. Theta, Kappa, and Chi O all have to cut too hard to keep anyone outside of girls from their usual feeders that they think they can get. I am not saying Chi O doesn’t have great girls...they do! But there is very little freshman pref night overlap between PKT and Chi O/Zeta/Tri Delt. Literally can’t think of anyone in our pledge class. Chi O cuts most girls going PKT day 1. Zeta and Tri Delt cut them also. PKT have to cut girls outside their feeders because they do not know them day 1. Just how the system works. When you have to cut 800 girls you just don’t get to branch out. Doesn’t mean PKT is better but it is just a lie (or maybe clueless) to say Chi O rushes against kappa.
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