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Last summer a huge wave of sophomores took over this website spamming useless and annoying questions so I’m only going to say this once. If your GPA is so low that you’re questioning the likelihood of you getting a bid, don’t rush and focus on school. That being said, a solid 3.0 should be OK to get by. Personality rules during rush, a high GPA is not going to guarantee you a bid and a low GPA is not going to be a house’s incentive to drop you unless it is very low like a 2.0. If you want a bid from a top/exclusive house, you need established connections. Sophomores have an advantage here because they already had a year to meet people. Get your Instagram feed coordinated NOW, find cute rush outfits, and prepare to make yourself stand out. Don’t be annoying and ask a barrage of questions or try to take on a new personality just to fit in. Girls will see right through that and drop you. Sophomores are usually compared against each other than than freshmen so keep that in mind. And lastly, when you get cut from houses, DONT take it personally. Sororities have numbers to meet and in the end there’s only a handful of sophomores they can take. Take summer classes if need be to boost your GPA but other than that DONT stress out because rush passes by in an instant and you will end up where you belong.
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