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<strong>Subject:</strong><br />Dear PNMs - Recruitment Advice<br /><br /> Poster Message:
PNMs I know you’re probably looking at greek rank in the mists of recruitment to see who’s the “best” sorority. Take it with a grain of salt because most posts on here are from girls in other chapters hating on each other for various reasons. Go in to the next few week with open minds and open hearts despite what others tell you about each sorority. Remember, if a sorority is as bad as others say it would not be an active chapter on campus. Each sorority has their own thing and a great group of girls. Also be friends with other sorority girls outside of your chapter!! Unlike bigger schools Samford thrives on grunity. You’ll hear it all in the coming weeks but you WILL end up where you belong because these girls recruiting you see something in you that you may not. Recruitment is suppose to be fun! It’s not an end all be all situation. Be yourself and take it all in.
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