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Sorority Tea

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Uvm is honestly too small to have specific ranks but if you’re looking for a definitive vibe for each house this is it. Adpi: most diverse sorority. really really nice well rounded people, also really funny people in general. not super involved in the past but that seems to be changing. Axo: overall chill hot girl vibe but with cattiness sprinkled in. Not known for being the nicest people but they are selective and have a nice house. they definitely party a lot! Tridelt: haven’t heard much from them this year. Tridelts are always nice, chill, cute. They’re definitely a classy sorority- you don’t hear bad things about tridelts very often. Theta: this is a weird mix tbh. Theta is like a mystery. You don’t hear much about them but they party hard (apparently) and are smart. Word on the street is that thetas are kinda crazy. Kd: a lot of different personalities but they all get along pretty well apparently. Nice and fun but sometimes a bit sloppy. They are very involved on campus though and have a lot of kd pride. Piphi: Similar to axo but a little more of the funny/weird hot girl effect. These girls don’t have to try. They kinda keep to each other but they have had really good philanthropy events.
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