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<strong>Subject:</strong><br />HONEST SORORITY RANKS<br /><br /> Poster Message:
Here is the real deal and all of you know it. Sororities rise and fall. Nothing you can do about it. Top Tier: Phi Mu - big partiers, pretty girls, classic top tier Alpha Xi Delta - got the best pledge class, on the rise, genuine and fun girls Chi Omega - still got good girls in the fall but always in trouble so they're falling Middle Tier: Alpha Phi - do a lot for their philanthropy, consistently cookie cutter girls with fake personalities Alpha Gamma Delta - got some great girls in the fall, on the rise but need some more work to do Alpha Delta Pi - used to be good but now they haze and a lot of girls dropped Kappa Delta - still pretty new and have been getting better Bottom Tier: Alpha Chi Omega - sweet girls just not very well known on campus Sigma Sigma Sigma - a good group of girls who love each other, just not for everyone Delta Zeta - sometimes they come off as snotty but they do have a diverse chapter Delta Gamma - brand new and had trouble during recruitment, have the potential to get better
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